Big Dumb Show Flashback 008: “The Big Bo Show”

We never did officially determine how to spell “Bo”, although I guess we’ll go with the preferred Indiana, and easier-to-type-on-a-phone, two-letter version. At one point I think we were using the more French-Canadian “Beau”, but never the full-on cajun-flavored “Beaux”. Regardless, Bo Asner, our dedicated anchor of the news and sports desk suffered continuously through a constant barrage of interruptions and basic disinterest from Don and I to eventually deliver something resembling the intended result of entertaining our tens of listeners every morning.

This episode features a visit from your wonderfully inappropriate “Uncle Lar”, comic Larry Reeb.

Plus, there’s a few moments with long-time friend of the show, musical comedian Tim Cavanagh, who was a guest on my final show in Louisville, just before I was replaced on “100.5 The Fox” by the bigger, meaner “Bill & Ted” show.

You can enjoy it all in under twenty minutes. If there’s anything in particular that you remember from the glory days of the Big Dumb Show, please go here and let me know, and I’ll see if I can dig it up.

And if you’re sick of all the talk, just go here and enjoy altROCK tunes.