Big Dumb Show Flashback 025: A Buncha Funny with Pat Godwin and Jimmy Pardo

Our 25th-Episode Anniversary: A fun reunion, and a fabulous first time

In the early 90’s, Gonzo landed at legendary rock station WMMR in Philadelphia, which is where he met the super-talented singer/songwriter/comedian Pat Godwin. This episode of the Flashback features their first reunion after nearly a decade. Enjoy Pat’s in-studio performance of “C’est La Vie”, a touching love-gone-slightly-wrong song, as well as a special romantic Springsteen-style performance dedicated to Angela, our favorite Hooters girl.

The cavalcade of A-list talent continues with our first visit with comedian Jimmy Pardo. He covers making the move from his hometown of Chicago to Los Angeles, and somehow along the way we invoke the ghost of Kip Winger* and debate the finer features of the Plymouth Sunfire.

(* Kip Winger is not dead.)

Pat Godwin’s still touring and a regular on the bigger, meaner, show. Jimmy Pardo is touring as well, and hosts the hugely popular Never Not Funny podcast.