Big Dumb Show Flashback 04: Richard Cheese, Joel Lindley, and (Accountant) James Hetfield

At the Big Dumb Show, we’ve always “believed in the Cheese”, and still do to this day; America’s loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese joins us for a quick number. Also comedian Joel Lindley, who has some good pointers on how to use the original Facebook: the CB radio. Plus more Big Dumb artifacts, mostly from Indianapolis in late October of 2004, along with some other timeless classics, including another side-splitting Joke Of The Day, a great way to listen to the show while you’re doing “other things”, plus help in defending yourself from litigious rock bands. Most of what you hear was barely acceptable to broadcast in the early aughts; please keep that in mind while enjoying this here in the midst of the substantially more inclusive 20’s.