Detroit, Michigan
April 1997 to May 2000
PM Drive, Mid-Days, Nights, Production Director

K-ROCK WKRK 97.1 Detroit Nights

Extreme Radio WKRK 97.1 Detroit PM Drive

Extreme/FM Talk WKRK 97.1 Detroit Mid-Days

… Detroit’s Alternative, Active, Alternative Again, and then an “FM Talk” Station …

Erin Carmen

Program Directors:
John Gorman
Mike Stern

Gonzo arrived in Detroit to work with legendary programmer John Gorman, and the brand-new “K-ROCK” in Detroit.

After a lot of format-tweaking, and the station’s limited success under the thumb of corporate busy-bodies, the format flipped to “Extreme Radio” under programmer Mike Stern, at which point Gonzo moved to afternoon drive.

After an explosive debut book as “Extreme Radio”, corporate again decided to change format, this time to “FM Talk”. Gonzo teamed with co-host Erin Carmen for mid-days. A few months later, Erin then left to work with Mancow in Chicago, so Gonzo hosted the show solo for a while, until he moved off-air to become Production Director.

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