KNAC-FM, Flagship Broadcasting
Los Angeles, California
June 1984 to June 1991 – Mornings

From Intern to Morning Guy.

Pure Rock 105.5 FM KNAC Los Angeles

When Gonzo started at KNAC, it was LA’s other alternative rock station.

In 1986, the station flipped to the Jeff Pollack-consulted “Pure Rock” format. The end result of the subsequent exodus of “new wave” DJ’s was Gonzo getting the overnight shift. Then the night shift. Then, in 1989, the morning show, right at the height of hair-metal hysteria.

Gonzo & Stew: “The Other Program” – Morning Show Promos and Bits

Friday, July 13, 1990

Stew Herrera

Program Directors:
Jimmy Christopher
Tom Marshall
Pam Edwards


* First DJ in the world to play “Dr. Feelgood”, when Motley Crue brought in a test pressing.
* Debuted some band called Guns ‘N’ Roses.
* Did a video voice-over for the last Rob Halford-fronted Judas Priest album, “Painkiller”.
* Broadcast live from LA’s Monsters of Rock.

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