Big Dumb Show Flashback 029: Etta May, Intern Sideburns, and Return of the Jedi

We’re not sure if there’s a comic that you’d think was less likely to appear on the Big Dumb Show than Etta May, but sure enough, here she is. Back before she started hangin’ around with Oprah and showing up on CBS Sunday Morning, she was on our show discussing fancy dessert offerings that typically begin with crushed Oreos.

Also featured in this episode, a few moments with hopeful future broadcaster Intern Sideburns who was dispatched for an “appearance” on morning television, and also receives some “constructive criticism” and “helpful career advice” from Gonzo, Don, and Beau.

And finally, the delicate subtext of “Return of the Jedi” is explained in an episode of ADD Theatre.

Tad and Sideburns: A Cojoined Twins Experiment

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