Big Dumb Show Flashback 030: Dave Attell, Who Would You Vomit On, and Shotski’s Perfect Breakfast

When Dave Attell visits the Big Dumb Show, it’s essentially the opposite of an AA meeting. Early estimates of the total blood alcohol level in the room are somewhere north of point-eleventy-billion.

In the world of stand-up comedy, there are few that consistently captivate audiences quite like Dave Attell. With a career spanning over three decades, Attell has become a household name for his unique brand of humor, which combines razor-sharp wit, impeccable timing, and an uncanny ability to find hilarity in even the darkest of subjects. 

Dave Attell is on tour this summer; check

Also in this episode, imagine you possess the ability to spontaneously vomit on anybody. Choose your target wisely.

And Doctor Shotski’s back with the guide to the man’s “perfect breakfast”.

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